The “Sauce Boss” reveals his personal recipe for slow-cooked ribs

Ryan “the Sauce Boss” Lindquist”

To have a nickname like “The Sauce Boss,” you have know your sauces. You also have to know how to use sauces to make great food.

That’s certainly true of Ryan “The Sauce Boss” Lindquist. Ryan’s company, Sauces n Such by Ryan,  produces a line of sauces and rubs, from traditional to “wow.” had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan recently. We also talked him into revealing his personal recipe for slow-cooked ribs for our readers. (Actually, that was easy–not only is Ryan a nice guy, but he LOVES to share his recipes. You’ll be glad he did…)

Here’s the interview:  Ryan, thanks for sharing your personal recipe for for slow-cooked ribs with readers. It sounds amazing! Before you walk us through it, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started making your own line of sauces?

Lindquist: Sure. I’m a chef by trade, and have worked in food service my whole life. I’ve been blessed to work with, and learn from, a lot of talented people over the course of my career.

My passion has always been inspiring others through the flavors that I create, and that led me to bottling my first sauce. More and more people started asking for it, and that’s when I decided to start marketing new products and my brand.  You have quite a few sauces listed on your site. Which was that first one?

Wild WIld West BBQ Sauce was a hit with customers and helped Ryan launch his business.

Lindquist: The Wild Wild West BBQ sauce. I describe it as a cross between Carolina-style and traditional bbq sauces. It’s got a smokey mesquite flavor with a splash of citrus. It was a different take on bbq and something people really seemed to enjoy. And since that kind of took off, it made sense to create and bottle more products, right?

Lindquist: That, plus I really just love doing it. Fortunately, there was enough demand for my products that I left my salaried career behind in 2015. Now I’m pursuing my dream and passion, and am blessed to have my wife as my business partner. She shares and supports my vision. How do people usually find out about you and your products?

The Sauce Boss getting hands-on with production

Lindquist:  They’re for sale on my website, I incorporate my products into dishes and then take lots of foody pics and videos, which I promote on social media. I also do local events and farmers markets. Now some stores have started carrying my product, which is great because we can reach more people. Before we get to the ribs recipe, I understand there’s a very unusual way you use one of your sauces.

Lindquist: (Laughs) Yeah. One interesting way I like to use my Triple H Sauce is drizzled over vanilla ice cream. Triple H is a signature, hot honey habanero sauce. It brings a well-orchestrated balance of sweet and heat. Ice cream cools and refreshes your palate. So when you have all this going on at the same time, it’s sublime! Wow. Not a lot of people would think of that. But I could see it working, especially with the honey flavor.

Lindquist: My products are very universal and can be used in many ways. While we have some great hot sauces, we offer products for any palate, whether you like spicy or non-spicy. It’s all about flavors and how they can inspire and spark your foody imagination. Ryan, thanks for talking with us. Can’t wait to see what flavors you come up with next! Now, about that ribs recipe…?

Lindquist: Sure, here you go.

The Sauce Boss’s personal recipe for slow-cooked ribs

The key to this recipe is using what I call my Trifecta flavor system. This includes three of our products: the 12 Finger dry rub, the Wild Wild West bbq sauce, and our award winning Candy Apple Shine.

  1. Apply the 12 Finger to a whole whole rack of ribs. Let let the meat absorb and activate those flavors for at least two hours before cooking.
  2. Cover the ribs in foil. Slow cook them in the oven at around 250 to 300 degrees 3 or 4 hours, depending on the size of the rack.
  3. Pull the ribs out and remove the foil. Put them on the grill over indirect heat. Brush the Wild Wild West sauce onto the ribs. Spritz with Candy Apple Shine.
  4. When the sauces start to caramelize, spritz on more Candy Apple Shine. It not only enhances all the flavors, but also brings a beautiful color and glaze to them.
  5. Pull them off the grill, let them rest, then cut and plate.  I serve this dish with cornbread, baked beans, mac n cheese, and green beans. BOOM !!!